Legal services and consultations

Commercial Law:

  • Preparationof the documents required by law for incorporation of commercial companies andnon-profit entities;
  • Registration of sole traders and commercial companies (Limited liability companies, Single limited liability companies, Joint stock companies),branches, associations of traders (holding companies, consortia), commercial representations,non-profit entities;
  • Preparationand registration of all types of subsequent changes in sole traders and commercial companies.

Contractual law:

  • Preparationof all types of contracts – for rent, loan, donation, construction and execution of construction works, production, sale, delivery, etc., including those unsettled explicitly in thelegislation (unnamed);
  • Legal opinions and editing of contract drafts proposed to you, including on-line;
  • Dissolution and termination of contracts;
  • Assistance with out-of-court settlement of disputes on contracts;
  • Legal defense in relation to the execution of contracts;
  • Preparation of powers of attorney, notarial invitations, declarations and any other documents used in notarial proceedings.

Property law. Purchase and sale of real estate in Bulgaria:

  • Complete preparation of all types of real estate and limited property rightstransactions (purchase and sale, exchange, donation, transfer of the ownership right over a property in exchange for maintenance and care, etc.; right of use, establishment and transfer of construction rights, superstructure and additional construction, etc.);
  • Research and analysis of the legalstatus of real estate;
  • Research forencumbrances and issues in previous deals and disputes related to the property;
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts under article 19 of OCA, drafting of notarial deeds and all documents necessary for the transaction;
  • Representation in notarial procedures.

Administrative law:

  • Legal services in relation to all kinds of licensing and authorizationprocedures:
  • License for domestic and international carriage of goods and passengers;
  • AEBTRI registration;
  • Registration by groups and categories in the Bulgarian Construction Chamber;
  • Registration of commercial sites and categorization in the Municipality;
  • Registration of companies and commercial representations in the BCCI.
  • Assistance and representation before administrative authorities;
  • Registration of trademarks and patents with the Bulgarian Patent Office;
  • Registration of trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office;
  • Preparation of accounting and legal documents for Public Procurement tenders;
  • Consultation, preparation and submission of complaints and objections to proceedings before the Commission for Consumer Protection.
  • Representation before all types of commissions, administrative, municipal and state authorities and court instances.

Residence of foreigners in Bulgaria:

  • Legal services and legal advice related to obtaining a type E visa, short-term, long-term and permanent residence;
  • Legal services related to the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship.

Translation and legalization of documents