“INTER INFORM CONSULT” Ltd. has been operating over a decade to provide accounting services and consultancy for individuals and companies of domestic, EU and Non EU origin in various business lines in Bulgaria.
These services are being backed up by the core values we believe in and live by – integrity, reliability, efficiency, courage.

We closely and constantly monitor the rapid development and change in the fiscal, financial, and investment framework thus to provide upfront our clients with customized and affordable solutions of their best interest.

New establishments are being attended with deliberate attention and devotion since we are quite familiar with all challenges start-ups have to face and overcome.

Furthermore our mission is to establish and maintain a long-term partnership with our clients inspired by commonly shared values and principals which we appreciate regardless of their origin, size, business field, etc.

We operate in modern and representative office facilities and the heart of Burgas and in complimentary proximity to lawyers’ and notary’s offices which can be promptly accessed with our assistance.